Easter: On the Edge of Glory

on the edge of glory

Lady Gaga has a line:
I'm on the edge of glory,
And I'm hanging
on a moment of truth

Its  no bad statement of Easter Faith! Jesus breaks down the barriers between us and God. Much science fiction (based on real science!) explores there being more than one dimension and that we can move from one world to another. The Bible says something a bit like that: we live in a world made and loved by God, but messed up by us. God’s new  Easter world is  right along side us– closer to us than our own heart beat—an Easter world where hatred, violence, injustice and cruelty are changed by God  into hope.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we may, right now,  live in that new creation of God, which is more real than the one we already know.
We’re on the edge of glory,
And we’re  hanging on a moment of truth

Easter is not fiction, but a whole new work of God happening right now. The Easter Jesus sends his Spirit upon us that we may live his way of love, forgiveness, community and hope. The church - the community  that  gathers around Jesus -  is empowered by Jesus to be Easter people who live  Christ’s life of healing love. Christ  is changing the world. Every day as we ring the Church bell and offer prayer we make a statement: Christ is Risen, evil does not win! Every time we make Eucharist together the Risen Jesus breaks into our world and Christ comes to us in bread and wine. Fed by Jesus we go out to do our little bit where we are, to be signs of hope, people of love, all of us            resources for the healing of broken lives. 
We’re on the edge of glory,
And we’re  hanging on a moment of truth

Or as the Church sings in joy:
Alleluia! Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!


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