Sunday School

Fr. Ted's Prayer Corner & Sunday School

Every Sunday  Fr. Ted welcomes  everyone into the Prayer Corner ; on Sundays in school term time Sunday School (for those old enough to cope without an adult) happens during the sermon- and sometimes everyone joins in together to share in "breaking the Word of God" and offering prayer.

Bible material and  colouring sheets are e-mailed  to all parents weekly just before the weekend for use either at church or at home (hard copies are provided in Fr. Ted's Prayer Corner). Please let the Vicar know if you would like to be in the mailing list. Crayons, books  etc. are also provided in Church.

Very little ones are encouraged to play quietly  with or near Fr. Ted in the north aisle where simple colouring materials and books etc. are provided. With parental help it would be good for children to be encouraged,  during the time of receiving Holy Communion, to light a prayer candle or write a simple prayer request. Prayer requests can be left in the prayer basket near the Icon of Christ Pantocrator, they are offered in prayer during the week at Evening Prayer.

 Children and parents who so wish can go into the vestry with their adult (parent)  leaders after the Gospel Reading and share in their own story telling and prayers during the main sermon and interecssions. They share together on the theme of the day. Sometimes a simple prayer book is used or songs sung.    The children and their parents come back  into church in time to share the Peace and go together to the altar for Communion and/or a blessing.

 Big Bear’s Tiny Church meets on alternate Wednesdays. Parents with pre-school children (though older ones are very welcome when we meet during half terms) share in a simple Eucharist with worship and action songs, a simple reading, reflection together and a time to pray.