Worship at Gosforth Parish Church



From a sermon preached by Philip ....

Why worship?

What is the point of celebrating Eucharist every Sunday and on Tuesdays and Thursdays?  What is the point of some of us being here in Church each morning and evening for Daily Prayer? What is the point of us being Church at all? Let's face it there is a huge temptation  in our culture to regard worship and church as at best a  rather effete and pointless exercise, OK perhaps for those who like that sort of thing but of no real point and purpose. What is the point of us being Church at all?

In Jesus God takes the most ordinary things  … a baby, a human being, human sexuality and relationships, suffering, fear, vulnerability, pain, death, bread, wine, water  … God takes these and fills them with eternal significance and value. It is in and through the so-called ordinary things of life that we know God’s eternal love for each of us. And this eternal love is set forth for us in our worship and especially in the Holy Eucharist. Here we do as Jesus does. We bring bread and wine - we bring our work , our relationships, our sufferings and difficulties, our hopes and joys - and we offer them, we offer ourselves totally and without reserve to God. And Jesus our Lord who “ever lives to make intercession for us” accepts our offerings and takes them to become of eternal significance. A very early Christian prayer says movingly: “As this bread that is broken was scattered upon the mountains  and gathered together and became one, so let thy Church be gathered  together from the ends of the earth into they Kingdom.” That is what is going on in worship and prayer.