St Nicholas Banner Group

Two years ago a small group of women met at St Nicholas to begin the formation of a Broderers group and to put together some Banners which would celebrate the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to the North East in 2013.

We chose Northern Saints as our theme and began with St Aidan and St Hilda - with the intention of progressing to St Bede and St Cuthbert.

Since that first meeting we have had many contributions of fabrics, haberdashery, money and more from all the congregation as through monthly meetings the Banners - or more appropriately Embroidered Panels - have taken shape. Nearly everyone came to the meetings saying "I can't sew or knit but I'd like to be involved," and we have all shared our skills and expertise and mainly learned as we went along. Records and Minutes have been kept of our progress and any Church which might like to emulate our work is more than willing to share these as a framework to form their own Broderers.

St Aidan in situOur Banners are 10 feet by 2 feet which was dictated by the size of the pillars in Gosforth Parish Church. The Aidan and Hilda Banners were hung last year at All Saintstide and during June and July this year Bede and Cuthbert will also be on display as part of the Festival of the North East / Art Tour and the Festival of the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Everyone is welcome to call into Gosforth Parish Church during June and July and then maybe to return at Christmas when we hope to have St Nicholas and St Mary Banners ready.

We have formed our Broderers group to care for the 'fabric' of the Church and more than this we have a strong supportive group which beautifies our environment and works and prays together.